Elite Home Watch Plus of SWFL - Your Home Watch Professional Since 2013

Accredited, Bonded and Insured - for your protection!
With today’s changing, fast-paced environment  we all seem to lead, we sometimes find ourselves needed in more than one place at once. A feat that is nearly impossible to accomplish. That’s where we can help YOU!
There are many terms that you can identify with Home Watch.  House watch, house check, home concierge, caretaker, absentee home service, property watch, and so on.  Regardless of what you call it, Elite Home Watch Plus of SWFL performs scheduled inspections of your “vacant” properties while you are away.
Our inspections include a visual check of plumbing, electrical, and HVAC systems, as well as checking the overall condition of the interior and exterior of your home.  Our inspectors check your home or condominium with a trained eye, ensuring everything is satisfactory.  We look for leaks, pests, mold and other conditions that can arise when your home is left vacant for even the shortest interval.
Should we find an issue or potential problem, we will immediately notify you.  Then, at your direction, we can resolved the problem or follow your directions to handle the situation.  Additionally, we remove junk mail and flyers that may be left, creating an appearance of a presence in your home, adding a level of security for your property. Elite Home Watch Plus will communicate the condition of your property to provide you peace of mind while you are away.

Standard Service Package

Visual inspection of exterior

Remove all newspapers, flyers, phone books from sight

Check for vandalism

Visual check of doors, windows & locks

Inspect inside & outside for water leaks

Visual inspection for mold or mildew

A/C temperature & filter monitoring (Temp & Humidity)

Check appliances

Run all faucets & showers

Run garbage disposal

Flush all commodes

Check hot water heater(s) for leaks

Check circuit breaker for tripped breakers

Visually inspect for evidence of pests

Landscape monitoring

Visual pool inspection

Check screened enclosures

Check garage door operation

Smoke Detector(s) (Visual)

Turn off water

Inspect after severe storm 

Inspection reports sent

Additional Services Available

(Completed by Elite Home Watch Plus of SWFL, Inc. or by coordination with other professionals.)

 Administrative, Concierge Services & Maintenance Services:

Coordinate Repair or Maintenance Services

Coordinate Cleaning Services

Package Pick-up & Bring In

Mail Forwarding

Open & Prep Home for owner or guest arrivals

Close Down Home after owner or guest departs

Do Walk-Through before and or after rental periods

Pressure Washing  (conditions may apply)

Hurricane Shutter Installation & Removal (conditions may apply)

Vehicle/Motorcycle start up and or cleaning service

Waiting Services: (for service, repair, delivery, and installation; etc.)

Trash & Recycling Bin Service (Place bins out to curb or bring bins in) Pre-Storm Preparation Assistance

Post-Storm Inspections

Plant Care: watering and other

Building a new home?

Ask about our service for new construction homes!

We can assist you to coordinate services from licensed professionals for:

Transportation Real Estate Sales & Rentals
Maintenance & Repairs Air Conditioning / HVAC Maintenance & Repairs
Renovations Painting
Plumbing Electrical
Roofing Cleaning Services
Pool maintenance Landscaping & Lawn Care & Tree Trimming
Pest Control Additional Services you would like us to assist you with?